About Us

Adele Larose is a cosmetic line founded by Makeup Artist, Patrice Adele Sylvain Dawson. Professionally she goes by Patrice Adele Mua (Makeup Artist).  The name Adele Larose is a combination of  Patrice’s middle name Adele and her maternal grandmother Ernestine’s maiden name.  

Patrice Adele has been a Makeup Artist professionally since 2013 and has extensive experience with Makeup Application on various Skintones and Skintypes.  She has attended Last Looks Makeup Academy in Houston,Tx., Touch Makeup Academy in Houston,Tx. and Michael Vincent Academy in Los Angeles, California. Patrice has worked for MAC Cosmetics as a Freelance Makeup Artist in the Los Angeles area.  She is always learning new techniques by always expanding her knowledge by constantly enrolling in Makeup classes.  Besides being a Makeup Artist, Patrice graduated from Southern University Baton Rouge and is also a licensed and ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist. Her background in healthcare also ties into her emphasis on strict hygiene practices. 
Patrice Adele has always had an interest in the beauty industry. She loves making everyone look beautiful with her excellent and unique style of artistry by making her clients look Natural, Beautiful and Flawless.  Her philosophy is "Everyone deserves to be and Wants to be Beautiful."  Adele Larose cosmetics caters to all individuals who loves Being Beautiful.